Our Vission

Pakistan is an Islamic republic in South Asia. Before 1947 it was also a part of India. The land is fertile and mineral resources are plenty. On North-West side of Pakistan is Afghanistan another Muslim country. Pakistan has about 4% Christians but they are not much respected by Muslims. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. MWM is working for suppressed, poor people.
Visionary Theme Of " MWM"

Masiha World Mission is a profound effort sprouted form the painful torturing and oppressive mankind who fail to Live their normal lives due to various based and discriminative regulation implemented by certain Governments and Religious Fundamentalist Fanatics who change the Harmony of the earth into devilish heated.
Rev.Suroya, the Moderator of United Presbyterian Church International, Pakistan in love the Christ felt the Pain of above mentioned predicament and with the zeal moved by the Holy Spirit of God took the burden to withstand this plight by stretching out a salvaging and supporting hand thought " MWM" for such victims.

"MWM" Introduction.

Masiha World Mission  an inter-denominational Organization which was established in 1997 bye Rev.Suroya in Pakistan which support of United Presbyterian Church And spread out its functional offices all over the remote areas of all four provinces of Pakistan with major application in the villages of Punjab and Sindh and where ever Rev.uroya could find under privileged Minority communities. At present by the Gracious Hand of Our Lord Jesus thousand of victim have bee assisted and rescued form their affliction and oppression. MWM operates through committed working Staff of all ages, paid and volunteers in different Capacities.
The funding source to afford these needful operations totally relies on the generosity of Lord's God rearing Individuals, Few Churches and Local Organizations as well individual abroad. However, all kind hearted and generous people of Lord are encouraged to participate in this great cause of MWM with their support and Prayers.



MWM has been working in the remote areas of Sindh(Karachi) from last 15 years. And slowly our work is growing slowly.

We also started our work in Hyderabad,Sarjani,Highway Road, And Sarjani Gudap Town.
Our Organization is mostly working with Muslim,Hindu,Christians and Sindhi People.This people are very suppressed who need our help. And near this place is the border of Balochistan and we are also working with the Balochi people.


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Masiha World Mission
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